After demand was high at the farmstand at the end of our driveway, we started out in the fall of 2012 making our premium, all-natural ketchup available for purchase at New Jersey area stores. Since then we've added Pure Strained Tomatoes, Crushed Tomatoes in a BPA-free can, and a line of three pasta sauces--Marinara, Arrabiata, and Mushroom Garlic--as well as seasonal Cranberry Sauce and pickle Relish. In addition to buying our tomatoes from our state's exceptional growers, we use the same high standards of transparency and safety for all of our ingredients. Spices are fair trade and organic when possible, the molasses and cane sugar fair trade and organic, the apple cider vinegar from a family-run company, and our garlic is always sourced from California.  Unlike many other brands, we use only trusted and fully traceable sources for our tomatoes and don't use shortcuts like tomato paste or concentrates -- we use only non-GMO ingredients, and our products often contain half as much sugar and salt as other brands if added at all.

Our farm lab!

We have our own small organic farm, located in Kingston, NJ, where we've cultivated a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, tried out innovative methods of organic and sustainable growing techniques, and gotten our hands dirty with our two young sons. This Eastern climate makes growing food organically a real challenge, and every year we learn more about what the best techniques are for us and our growers. We’ve even received two USDA grants to help us research new methods of growing tomatoes organically and adding value to our state’s most famous fruit. 

And why ‘First Field’?

The name of our company didn’t come from a contest, focus group, or marketing firm. The plot of land where First Field began had three fields. Farmers being logical, literal types, the fields were named 1, 2 and 3. Field #1 – the first field – was dedicated to growing the tomatoes we used to develop our first batches of ketchup.

Where was your first field? Perhaps it was on the family farm, your first garden or that of a neighbor, your first visit to a roadside stand at harvest time, or simply the first pot of herbs you grew on a sunny window sill.

Every time you open a bottle of Pure Strained Tomatoes, put out a jar of Roasted Ketchup at your summer cookout, or whip up a quick weeknight meal with our Marinara Sauce, we strive to evoke the memory of your first field, by bringing the simple goodness of natural products from trusted farms to your table.