NJ? Tomatoes? Yes!

New Jersey  has one of the oldest traditions of growing tomatoes in the United States, and has a long legacy as the origin of many iconic tomato products. From the humble Jersey tomato, now-classic items like tomato ketchups and soups were started right here in the Garden State.

Here at First Field we appreciate this history and know that our state's tomatoes have the perfect flavor for many of your tomato-based recipes. Similar in flavor to an Italian San Marzano, they truly make a better tasting product than many varieties currently available.

We use these tomatoes to make tried-and-true pantry staples with the best vine-ripened fruit from regional farmers we trust. We think it's important to know where the tomatoes we cook with come from, and we know you do, too! As challenging as it can be to be fully traceable, we stand behind our mission of sourcing our high quality produce directly from growers as much as possible, every single harvest, every single year. It's a line of products you can feel good about using in your home kitchen.


We hope you find the same enjoyment in First Field products that we find in bringing them to you.

Theresa & Patrick